Sexta-feira, 4 de Janeiro de 2008

Criador de "Brothers & Sisters" deixa a série


Jon Robin Baitz, criador de “Brothers & Sisters”, que em Portugal passou na RTP2 e na Fox Life com o título de “Irmãos e Irmãs”, foi afastado do cargo (mas não demitido como o próprio revelou) devido a divergências criativas com os executivos da ABC. 


Num longo post do blog que escreve para o The Huffington Post, revelou a sua desilusão pela direcção que a série está a tomar. Retirei alguns dos excertos mais interessantes do mesmo, do qual destaco o segundo onde ele revela que caracterização pretendia para as personagens da série. Quem quiser ler o artigo completo, pode fazê-lo aqui.


[…]But I am no longer the SOURCE for any of it, no longer the instigator of plot, and no longer the voice of the thing. It is no longer in my dreams. I do not wake up and make notes about future episodes. I can no longer argue for tone and can only watch as the demographic demands that have turned America into an ageist and youth-obsessed nation drives the storylines younger and younger, whiter and whiter, and with less and less reflection of the real America, which is made up, to the sorrow of the research departments, of people over 35 years of age and of many ethnicities and incomes. Then again, I will never again have to do a notes call wherein the fear and sea-sickness of the creative execs always prevails over taking a risk, resulting more often than not in muddy and flattening or treacly-sweet compromises after a stolid and pointless series of writerly objections. (And note to execs on my next show: you won't wanna be giving me too many of them. Sorry, I shan't roll over ever again.)[…]


[…]However, I cannot help but dream about what my version of Brothers & Sisters would have looked like, had I been given the chance to try it my way (in an alternate universe). Perhaps not on a network, my version would fly. On Showtime or HBO or FX. A show that could simply hold on the aging and real face of Sally Field, and reflect the sorrow and rage there, and reflect the cold and funny sexuality of Patty Wettig's Holly, the perfect reconstruction of the LA mistress. A show that would hold on the eyes of Ron Rifkin, and reflect the wisdom, joyous childishness and the melancholy. A show that could explore the lives of the low-income workers whose well-being depended on the fortunes of the family business, Ojai Foods. A show where we could have followed the youngest, prodigal son to Iraq, where he was wounded. Shown him there, in the field. Shown his fellow soldiers, dying. A show that allowed Calista Flockhart's character to be actually truly political -- still a commentator, fully articulate and unashamedly bitchy about what she knows and thinks she knows, and to be wrong as often as she is right. A show that allows her to be as smart and funny and comically mercurial as she really is. A show that would go even further in dealing with Kevin Walker's internalized homophobia and his fear of contact with others. There is nothing that Matthew Rhys is afraid of, no wordplay gives him pause; he is capable of anything. A show that followed Rob Lowe's black charm down the rabbit hole of American politics and revealed the ugliness that lives there. That followed Balthazar Getty in his father's amoral American male footsteps, and allowed that actor's virtues to shine more fully. It would show the quiet love that lives under the surface in a family, and unifies it just when pride and rage are tearing it apart. Even to speak about it, I would be shut down for trying to trade in angst -- not something I am known for as a playwright, or a person. It would never underestimate the intelligence of the audience and their interest in adult life. A show that could go deeper into the complexity of modern sexuality, without shtick or cute-meet, or cutesy whimsical music, where the "Actual" should be.[…]


[…]Maybe the network guys, the execs (not to mention the roving and dead-eyed show-runners-for-hire, a breed who can no longer afford to believe in much except for keeping the trains running) know how badly my version of the show would do, and even if they wanted to greenlight it, they couldn't. Maybe that's why this strike is so vicious. The studio heads know that the model is changing, and that the old conventional modes of storytelling are being replaced by fresher and bolder models. They have one that works, and they do not have the luxury of my experimentation and it's results losing them their share. I get it. They have to hold on to what they have, while they still have it. And I don't care to do just that. I hope to push the boundaries so I can look Matthew Wiener and David Chase, David Milch and Larry David and Sara Colleton (Dexter) in the eye.[…]



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Quarta-feira, 17 de Outubro de 2007

Novos castings para Lost, Grey's Anatomy e Brothers & Sisters


Andrea Roth, esposa de Denis Leary na série “Rescue Me”, é a mais recente adição ao elenco de “Lost”.


Seth Green fará uma aparição de dois episódios em “Grey’s Anatomy”.


Chevy Chase e Danny Glover serão interesses amorosos de Nora (Sally Field) nesta temporada de “Brothers & Sisters”.


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